North American Diatom Symposium

NADS - The Beginnings

The first NADS meeting was organized by J. Platt Bradbury and Rick Drum. It was held in October, 1970 at Cedar Bog Lake in central Minnesota (now the University of Minnesota's Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve). The site is notable for being the location of study for R. L. Lindeman’s classic paper “The trophic-dynamic aspect of ecology. Ecology 23:399-418”. The meeting was attended by 23 diatomists (see sidebar). After several days of discussion with no formal papers the group sat in a circle and talked about diatom ecology. This resulted in a paper (Bradbury, J. P. 1973. Ecology of freshwater diatoms. Nova Hedwigia. 24:145-168.) that was essentially a verbatim record of that conversation. It would never be published today.

Some of John Dodds' graduate students, past and present, in 1970.